Gold Member  
Reseller or Dealer Terms and Conditional.

1. Dealership.

2. Enjoying dealer Price.

3. Start business at tiny capital.

4. Not bulk order required.

5. Able to get the product which are no listed in the shopping Mall.

6. For those who treat Sat TV business as Career  only. 


A simple condition to upgrade yourself as the GOLD MEMBERSHIP 

1. You must at least dealing with us 5 times (successful business) by using our internet order .

2. Refer to your history transaction record, you have been purchased repeat item.

3. Refer to your history transaction, the accumulated of the success transaction must exceed USD500.



1. Annual basic.

2. For renewal. Annual dealing accumulated at least amount USD1500. 

3. Special Promotion/Offer items may excluded in the GOLD MEMBERSHIP pricing scheme.

4. Transportation charges is excluded.

5. Minimum order per Invoice must equip or exceed USD50.00

6. GOLD MEMBERSHIP Fees USD16 /  AUD22 / TBH597 / IDR150,000 / MYR60.00 / BNR25.00



For upgrading (qualify).  Please email us with SUBJECT : APPLY GOLD MEMBERSHIP

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